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Ubiquiti NSM2 UK - Ubiquiti AirMAX Nanostation M2

Ubiquiti NSM2 UK - Ubiquiti AirMAX Nanostation M2

- Brand: Ubiquiti
- Product Code: Ubiquiti AirMAX Nanostation M2
- Availability: In Stock
Price: ₦30,500 Ex Tax: ₦30,500


  • Great Performance: 150+ Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 15km+ range. Typical range is 2-4 miles from a LOS tower running airMAX sector antenna's and Rocket M2's. 
  • Next-Gen Antenna Design: 11dBi dual-polarity gain with optimized cross-polarity isolation in a compact form-factor.
  • Dual Ethernet Connectivity: A secondary Ethernet port with software enabled POE output for seamless IP Video integration.
  • Intelligent POE: Remote hardware reset circuitry of NanoStation M allows for device to be reset remotely from power supply location. 
  • 802.3af 48V Compliant - Easily becomes 802.3af 48V compliant through use of Ubiquiti Instant 802.3af adapter. The adapter sold separately (SKU#I8023AF-OD or I8023AF-ID) 
  • Easy Installation - Easily mountable to a pole/mast with mounting straps provi

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