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Cambium ePMP 3000L 5GHz 2×2 MIMO, RJ45

Cambium ePMP 3000L 5GHz 2×2 MIMO, RJ45

- Product Code: Cambium ePMP 3000L 5GHz
- Availability: In Stock
Price: ₦165,000 Ex Tax: ₦165,000


  • 2X2 MIMO support with peak throughput of 600 Mbps
  • 256QAM-5/6, 80 MHz support
  • Supports a wide frequency range: 4910 to 5950 MHz
  • Frequency re-use with GPS sync and interference mitigation
  • Connectorized for use with sector antenna. Also compatible with RF Elements Twistport(tm) Adaptor for ePMP
  • Cloud or on-premises network management with cnMaestro

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